My Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. When something is the subject of an “awareness month,” I’m usually pleased at first, because I’m excited to see something like mental health in the spotlight. But wait a second. Wouldn’t it be nice if mental health didn’t even need awareness campaigns? By definition, every single person has “mental […]

3 Things I Would Tell Myself Before Internships

I graduate next month. It feels surreal. I’ve learned so many lessons over the last three years, especially during my clinical rotations. Going out on internships during PT school is exciting, because it’s time to get into the clinic and — you know — do therapist things. No more Scantrons, very few Powerpoints, but just as […]

What are your goals?

“I’m going to walk out of here without a walker, without a crutch, without a cane — without any of that.” A patient told me this during his evaluation in inpatient rehab. It was three days after his total hip replacement. Considering that he was still struggling to walk with a walker, I remember appreciating his optimism […]