At the Voice of the Patient, we are dedicated to enhancing our ability as health care providers to truly listen to others and to establish a therapeutic alliance. In some cases, we can benefit from listening to the experience and mindset of other providers, such as Mandy Chamberlain.

Mandy Chamberlain is an occupational therapist and the founder of Seniors Flourish, where she blogs, podcasts, and hosts a learning lab for occupational therapy practitioners. She earned her Master of Occupational Therapy through the University of North Dakota’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and decided to focus on Community-Based Medicine. She has a varied clinical background working with geriatrics through home health services, home modification consultation, long-term care, assisted living, inpatient critical access and outpatient therapy services. She now works and consults in the mountains of Colorado.

We talk about how much that occupational and physical therapy have in common, particularly in our mutual desire to serve humanity. We also discuss our shared path to rehabilitation careers through our initial desire to treat mental health. We spend time discussing the importance of the interdisciplinary team and of communication between health care providers. We agree that it’s hard, but we talk about ways to improve the quality of our teams in pursuit of serving our patients.

Check out Mandy’s website: Seniors Flourish. She also hosts her own terrific podcast, also named Seniors Flourish, which is also a member of the Geros Collective. You can follow Mandy on Twitter.

If you have a story to tell as a patient, provider, or both, then contact Zach Stearns on Twitter @zachrstearns or Dave Reed @DReedPT.

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