In the most recent episode of the Voice of the Patient podcast, Gabriela Nunez discusses her experience with two ACL reconstructions and the rehabilitation process following those surgeries.

Gabriela Nunez is a 3rd year DPT student at the University of Florida, who enjoys working with all ages and conditions ranging from athletic injuries to chronic pain. Gabriela is interested in the impact of psychology in the healing process, and hopes to see psychologically-informed practice become a standard aspect of our profession. Her goal is to work in a general outpatient clinic when she graduates to work with patients from all backgrounds.

You can contact Gabriela with comments or questions at gabimnunez[at]gmail[dot]com. She is also on Twitter @Gabriela_1725.

If you have a story to tell as a patient, provider, or both, then contact me on Twitter @zachrstearns.

By the way, we are excited to announce that this is the first episode of The Voice of The Patient since the beginning of our partnership with the Senior Rehab Project by Dustin Jones.

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