Voice of the Patient

I’m excited to join the team at The Voice of the Patient with Dave Reed. The Voice of the Patient has a mission that I believe in: “We’re working to change lives, that is, improve quality of life, by improving healthcare through not only hearing, but truly listening to the voice of the patient.”

In the midst of changes in the healthcare system, it’s far too easy to lose sight of person-centered care. I’m thrilled to join Dave Reed (follow him on Twitter) to give a greater voice to people rather than merely the profit-driven systems that dominate the conversation. On the the Voice of the Patient team, I will be interviewing people who are patients or providers (or both) who can aid the mission of truly listening to the voice of the patient. Check out this interview where Dave introduces me to the team.

If you are interested in sharing your story about the patient-provider relationship, then contact me on Twitter @zachrstearns or email me at hello@zachrstearns.com.

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